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Our work is your success in Web3

14 May 2022

We have solved extraordinary blockchain security challenges

We always carry out our projects with great passion and responsibility. However, we are particularly interested in cutting-edge blockchain technology, for which we provide an extensive range of services.

Being on the cutting edge of progress, we are happy to share our latest cases with you. We have recently completed an audit of Algorand smart contracts, performed a penetration test of the DEX solution and Cardano nodes, and completed a security analysis of an exchange with the Milkomeda protocol.

In the process, we were able to identify a number of potential security risks using our own lab and attack validation codes. For all of the above cases, the customer received useful personalized recommendations for improvement based on our experience.

As a result of our work, we provided detailed reports with recommendations. All the found vulnerabilities were promptly fixed in public releases. Our customers are now confident that their projects will not be in the news for blockchain hacking, cryptocurrency theft or compromise of smart contracts.




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